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  • Michaela Patel


Making our happiness independent of HAVING (money, relationships, knowledge) brings complete freedom into our life. We are no longer restricted by waiting for things to happen, but rather enjoy what IS right now. It allows us to live in the present moment when life actually happens.

It doesn't mean that we relinquish experiencing ABUNDANCE however...

Abundance is feeling worthy of anything we set our heart on.

Feeling abundance within attracts abundance on the outside.

Feeling LOVEABLE brings us the experience of love from others, and feeling ENOUGH makes us experience that we have enough, instead of experiencing lack.

BEING comes from FEELING. WHAT we feel is what we are... and what we become. Feeling unloveable/unworthy we are that and attract MORE of the same.

When we feel bad internally about ourselves, naturally we don't want to feel our pain. NOT feeling at all , hower, by numbing our pain, prevents us from attending to our pain and healing it. Which essentially prevents us from feeling different about ourselves, from attracting abundance. Feeling negative will attract more negativity because subconsciously our mind is set up for searching for negativity.

Our MIND SET is therefore important in manifesting life for ourselves.

Our internal reality determines what shows up in our external reality. We make choices depending on our beliefs, which create the scaffolding of our mind set. Our mind set reflects how we feel deep down about ourselves. Hence to change our EXTERNAL reality, the choices we make, our life, we must uncover what we believe about ourselves.

Our inner world, what we believe about ourselves and how we treat ourselves, is reflected on the outside.

Look at your life from a third person perspective:

1/ What is NOT working?

2/ What IS working?

Honestly evaluate what situation you are in with respect to your:

1/ family (parents, siblings, your children)

2/ relationships (partners, friends)

3/ work (position, income, satisfaction with how much time you spent at work)

What ISN'T working simply reflects your beliefs and feelings about yourself with respect to that area, e.g. NOT DESERVING BETTER.

If you are perfectly happy at work, but the relationships with your family aren't good (if the relationship with them isn't loving, caring and respectful) this will also reflect on your ability to create loving, caring and respectful relationships of your own! You will find that your relationships failed, because your ability to attract loving, genuinely caring and respectful partner is impaired.

Why? Because how your family relate to you influenced how you think about yourself (who you believe to be) which in turn affects how you feel about yourself deep down.

If your family has a history of abuse (mental, emotional, physical), history of drama, unresolved conflicts, endless criticism and boundary violations, then you do not feel worthy of receiving love, care and respect. You do not actually know what a loving and genuinely caring relationship is. Seeking what you 'know' you attract similar kind of 'treatment' in your future relationships.

Working in an environment where you are not appreciated, where you feel abused by your boss or co-workers again reflects that you believe you do not deserve better treatment. You can easily draw a parallel to how you've been treated at home.

We often cannot see how we have been treated at home because we idealise our parents. It is our coping mechanism which we also apply to our adult life, ending up stuck in an unhappy relationship (which used to be 'just perfect' due to the perfect illusion we so skillfully created).

Acknowledge and accept that your reality reflects what you believe and how you feel about yourself. If you don't, you cannot change a single thing! You simply cannot change what you

fail to notice.

Accepting that you are feeling 'not enough', somehow UNDESERVING, is a great starting point.

Find out more about your beliefs and how they came about here and here, so that you can embark on a healing journey to self love, attracting more love into your life.

Thank you for reading. If my article contributed to understanding yourself, please be generous and share it with others.

Copyright © 2017 Michaela Patel

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