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Are you going through a divorce? Have you recently separated from your partner? Perhaps you have moved onto another relationship only to find out that you aren't as happy as you had imagined?

I am here to inspire and empower those of you who have fallen hard as the result of a broken relationship. I have been there myself and my heart goes out to you. I wish a site like this existed when I was desperately trying to find some support after my world had collapsed. All I knew at the time was that something needs to radically change if I wanted my life to do likewise. Back then I didn't realise how my upbringing shaped my perception of myself. I wasn’t aware that who I attracted, and how I let them treat me, was the manifestation of my self-perception.


Living a happy life post divorce is absolutely possible. I am here to teach you how to use your past mistakes as lessons and guides to self-discovery. Most importantly, you will learn that nothing will change should you decide to nurse your unhappiness in yet another relationship. Why? Because your perception of yourself, your current attitude, your emotional pain - your half of the relationship - is a constant which moves around with you. If it makes you feel little better, know that your previous partners are similarly unaware and suffering. They too must help themselves first out of all people. They entered your life with their own issues and unhealed traumas, hoping you will save them, thinking you will make them happy. Which is why it didn’t work out.

Some of us need to fall a few times before we get that our own issues won’t go away by simply changing the person next to us…

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