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  • Michaela Patel


Everyone wants love. And you want it too! It is your most basic need. An inherent part of you, something that you ARE.

With the start of a new relationship you feel lightheaded from all the excitement. Having learned a few painful lessons, you want to believe that you finally found the One...

But who is the One? Are you sure you know who are you looking for?

You may have assumed a lot in life, thinking that you know love. This is why you have a lot to learn in the course of your lifetime. Your soul's purpose is to return back to its source, back to true love.

When you were born, you only knew love. You were breathing it - living it entirely. Back then you were happy, complete. Untill the day others taught you how incomplete you are. They told you everything else about you but who you truly are. And this is how you, like them, got lost in life. Disconnected from your understanding of yourself, from your own power, from true happiness.

You got unplugged from the life's source, from true love...

'How dare they!?' cries your Inner Child.

How can we blame them though? Their Karma has simply rolled over a brand new generation - our generation(!), leaving an imprint of a false indentity all over it. Everyone is confused!

Looking back, how often have you abandoned your self-respect, your true desires, the love for yourself only to fit into certain relationships? And how do you ensure that it won't happen again?

Sometimes the same lessons come round repeatedly for you to grow some more. This is how life ensures that you are constantly evolving - through growth pains. You hurt whenever you confuse true love for something else. The more confused you get, the more you hurt, and the more rigid are your views on love. Your life becomes a struggle as you separate yourself from your life's purpose, from true joy...

Love, joy, happiness, are felt only in your heart. But how are you meant to feel the truth when you carry so much pain around? How are you meant to feel the love for life when your heart has turned into a cold, impermeable fortress? The fortress with bottomless cellars where your Soul is left to waste. Forgotten, under the weight of endless supply of things and people. The stuff you have believed to bring you joy however, is only masking the lack of true love in your daily existence.

Opening your heart isn't easy. You need courage to break all those walls down to allow yourself to feel the fresh breeze of freedom away from what you thought makes you happy.

When will you understand that love is all you can truly possess because it belongs to you?

You cannot own another. Nor you can earn their love. Their love is just an expression of their own heart being open. It is a breeze of THEIR will and courage; a result of their determination to come back home to love. It cannot make YOU feel better...

Open your heart to you! YOU are the One! You are ought to realise this truth by means of practising self-love and own it by being loving towards others. Afterall you cannot show others what true love is unless you practice it with you first...

Thank you for reading. If my article contributed to understanding yourself, please be generous and share it with others.

Copyright © 2018 Michaela Patel

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