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  • Michaela Patel


How often do you betray yourself?

'Oh what are you talking about!? I would never do that!' your Ego immediately articulates its opposition.

Yet, the one who screams the loudest is the one to be aware of! Your own mind, your loyal supporter, becomes a deceptive treachery if you let it get away without questioning its own assumptions.

Without the ability to observe our thoughts we cannot snap out of our mind's deceptions. The moment our friend becomes our enemy we are left chasing a never ending string of lies which promise to make us happy. The exact same delusions our previous generations followed because they failed to listen to their thoughts. They too failed to ask questions...

By becoming a follower you betray the truth. You become addicted to mind occupying, distracting activities, to override your inner mess.

The problem here is that we follow others since we were born. We were bread to listen to everyone else but ourselves. And for 'not listening' to others or 'asking too many questions' we were punished. As a result, our natural curiosity, and light, has dimmed...

We were told what we are good at, and what we suck at. Others defined us by telling us what we like and what we don't. We were told how we should feel. We learned to disregard our emotions because those who taught us about us were taught to disregard theirs. 'Oh come on, it doesn't hurt?', 'You can't feel sad coz there is nothing to feel sad about!?' We were made feel silly for how we truly felt. So we stopped listening to our emotions and successfully learned emotional denial to fit in...

Every time our unaware carers taught us to discard or shut off our feelings, the connection to our heart suffered. We grew up to ignore our inner calling and true desires.

Abandoning our talents, we ditched activities which brought us immense joy and denied our Soul ways of expressing itself through doing what makes us happy. Instead, we became addicted to making money, to chasing fame and recognition externally.

Our bodies inadvertedly suffered damage due to the internal stress, health damaging habits, medication, to cure the symptoms of our internal disconnection - our dis-ease.

The lack of love we treat ourselves with only reflects in the many unsuccessful relationships. Hurting and lost in life we keep betraying ourselves for the love of others, seeking attention and validation elsewhere.

Still pretty certain you would never betray you?

How often do you allow yourself to feel what you truly feel without allowing your head to butt in with 'I shouldn't feel like this'? Would your life improve if you could learn more about your emotions and how to manage them? How much of your time daily do you spend doing truly fulfilling activities, NOT involving making £££?

Imagine there is no such option as making money or wanting to be recognised. What would you do?

Thank you for reading. If my article contributed to understanding yourself, please be generous and share it with others.

Copyright © 2017 Michaela Patel

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