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  • Michaela Patel


Using our energy wisely is crucial for getting far. Far meaning feeling happy, and be precisely where we want to be.

Anyone who wishes to feel content must learn HOW to preserve their energy by NOT investing it in areas which lead to their Soul depletion. Areas which drain their energy stores and do not bring anything positive into their life.

Do you often feel tired living your life? Do you feel that life is a struggle or a burden? If your answer is yes, you might re-think how and where you investing your energy.

ENERGY DEPLETING and Soul exhausting activities are:

1/ focusing on the faults of others, gossipping, and getting stuck in a victim mode

2/ thinking of the past wanting to change it, zooming out of the present and into the future to find happiness

3/ looking for love, respect and care in others, seeking to buy our sense of worth

3/ deceiving ourselves and others by pretending

4/ repeating the same mistakes by not having learned our lessons

On the other hand, very beneficial to our Soul are ENERGY EXPANDING activities:

1/ learning to focus on our own issues by spending time in solitude, by stopping running away from, and re-connecting to, ourselves

2/ re-training our brain to live in the present moment

3/ restoring our integrity by being honest with ourselves and others, restoring our trust in our own abilities, including our own feelings, including our intuitive guidance, which enables us to confidently stand by our decisions

4/ healing ourselves by restoring our relationship with ourselves to one of self-love, self-respect and self-care

This decision making process of being able to correctly CHANNEL our energy forces us to be more present, conscious, and responsible. We learn to surrender things we have NO CONTROL over, like certain circumstances, other people's behaviour, their thoughts and opinions about us. We get to understand that some things in life are NOT MEANT TO BE, that things REALLY happen for the best, and that there is a greater plan than the one WE had in mind. We learn to re-divert our energy into those areas we don't feel any resistance from, by not going againt the flow of things, trusting the Universal guidance. We take more action in certain areas, learning when to ease off and rest, leaving it to the Higher forces. We learn to ballance our life to one of harmony with ourselves and our surroundings.

Have you ever done something which had an amazing result with somehow little effort? Which happened 'by luck' or 'by chance', or which you felt 'was meant to be'?? Because those were the times you went with the flow of things, channeling your energy correctly.

Tallented people for example, excel in areas which for others are impossible to conquer.

All of us are here to find our purpose, our talent.

Being connected to ourselves and feeling what is right for us, letting our Soul lead us to the victory is a corrent way of channeling our energy.

Do you wonder why those who dislike their job are so unhappy and tired with life? Do you understand why those who's job is their hobby can work 20 hours daily, yet still oozing energy and enthusiasm?

The basis for corrently channelling our energy is self-love: we know ourselves, and we love ourselves that much, that we are happily looking after our energy stores.

For this to happen, we must understand the Shadow part of ourselves - our Ego , the biggest ENERGY EATER and the part of us which pollutes our life with negativity and misery.

We then gain insight into our true Selves - our Heart, and realise how acting from that part of us makes our life CLEANER, hence easier and happier.

We can temporarily experience a state of chaos and confusion when we start changing things. This is only because we have not mastered our new ways of being yet! It takes practice and time, like any other new skill to master. But as soon as we start acting authentically, our daily existence gets injected with new vitality and passion for life, and in time our energy levels and joy skyrocket.

So where has all this boundless energy, vitality and passion for life come from?

Living consciously means LIVING IN HARMONY with ourselves, and others. Harmony brings positivity and peace. By having an honest feedback, we drop the baggage of lies about ourselves which makes us feel much lighter. We feel life is less serious and more fun. As we continue practicing this and naturally poor more energy and focus into those areas which run smoother, meaning no energy is wasted on areas which we used to struggle with, we are left with spare energy. We re-charge, connecting to people whom we can be ourselves with, doing things we truly enjoy. And when this becomes our life, our journey becomes our hobby and one big holiday adventure.

Are holidays a major source of your happiness? How would you feel about life where you don't have to look forward to the weekend?

Thank you for reading. If my article contributed to understanding yourself, please be generous and share it with others.

Copyright © 2016 Michaela Patel

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