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  • Michaela Patel


We find it hard to accept our weaknesses only if we (unknowingly) BELIEVE that we are weak...

Why? Because the pain we already carry, based on our belief, is too much to bear.

Yes, it hurts to think that we somehow don't measure up...

If in depths of our Souls we believe we are somehow insufficient, LACKING, and our failure to acknowledge this makes us even 'weaker'.

Accepting a weakness is an act of SURRENDER. Surrender, however, isn't what we like to do. Even though our fighting with reality hurts us long term!

Have you ever asked yourself 'What would happen if I allowed such thought to exist?'

You see we were born truly powerful, confident, not doubting ourselves in the slightest. Observe young children around the age they start walking. They haven't been conditioned to judge or doubt themselves. They are literally fearless and their joy is infectious. But there comes a time they learn that we humans have limits. Never mind that many are SELF-IMPOSED!

For example, we fail at something and our mind starts to form an idea of what we can and can't do next time around. In time those thoughts become our beliefs and the more we stumble, the more we fall, the more we believe in what we AREN'T capable of.

The more we believe we are incapable, the smaller we become, and the more painful it is for us to face our weaknesses.

In time we become our limitations and the embodiment of our fears.

What would happen if we all learn to walk in our 20s? How many of us would give up after only few falls? We would say 'I knew it! Why was I so stupid to even try?' And so we would stick to what we know: sit on our bums, at the very most we would crawl and complain that life is hard...

The problem with us all isn't that we are any different from who we used to be - the confident, enthusiastic and courageous energy. Our only weakness really is that we stopped believing in our greatness.

So now we are just miserable victims of our false beliefs in our inadeqacy, incompetency, and powerlessness. We 'sooo want to be happy' because we are sooo sad inside. And because of our internal sadness we need cheering up.

But we go so wrong about it!

We love DRAMA and gossip wherever we are - at home, at work, in our social circles, on TV, in politics. Because others suffering is more amusing and less painful than our own...

Yet to realise how wonderful, loveable, worthy, and great we are only needs us to review our LIMITING BELIEFS.

Who are you running away from? The YOU who deserves all your patience, care, love and respect? The you who needs your attention and help to heal to live a happy life?

Question your weaknesses, test your limits with courage. Because you are only truly weak when you believe in lies... ;)

Thank you for reading. If my article contributed to understanding yourself, please be generous and share it with others.

Copyright © 2017 Michaela Patel

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