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  • Michaela Patel


What is your tribe like? Are your being unknowingly manipulated?

Hate or love? Negativity or positivity? War or peace? Suffering or happiness? We naturally choose the latter, yet our hate often escapes our AWARENESS...

From hating someone who has done us wrong, to spreading hate across large groups, the emotion of hate causes much damage to us all.

Fans belonging to various sport or religious groups often hate with PASSION - an intense and prolonged form of hate, which has nothing to do with loving, heartfelt action. Their followers, who's primary desire is to BELONG, adopt the exact same attitude to that of their leaders WITHOUT QUESTIONIG if they are getting what they have bargained for…

It could be our friend, or leader of any kind, talking JUDGEMENTAL language trying to convince us that by hating ‘THEM’ we will be better off. Or, it could simply be our own mind setting us up for an illusion that by following a certain crowd we will be SAFER. But let's examine our beliefs.

The sense of belonging to our fellow humans brings on an immediate feeling of deep contentment due to our primal need for connection. By belonging to a certain tribe, being part of a larger whole, we feel stronger. If this is PEACEFUL group with a POSITIVE message then it is where we, humans, are at our best. Such groups support our growth by teaching us how to bend reality by attracting the positive things into our daily existence. They teach inclusion, gratitude, and provide a non-judgemental learning space. They encourage self-development by means of practicing self-love and self-care, and support leadership by nurturing our unique talents. Set backs are thought of as a learning curve and an opportunity to improve as we no longer compete with others but with our former Selves. Creating a steady growing space, we feel inspired, connected to who we truly are, to everything alive, and in control of our positively charged life. Love is the glue of our tribe, and joy is its product.

On the other hand, groups driven by hate spread fearful messages to control their followers.

Praying on the lack of your confidence and the inability to become your own leader they want you to follow without questioning, for you to have no chance to get to know yourself. They cannot stand individuality, asking others to become like them, with extreme groups punishing any deviation from their code.

Your growth is limited. You are divorced from who you truly are as any attempt to question is an un-welcomed rebellion. You end up feeling confused about life, and alone amongst many. You fear being excluded and hated by those who promised protection and support. Suddenly YOU are the enemy.

‘Hate groups’ attract people who are somehow lost in life, targeting those with no firm sense of Self. Religion, race, politics, culture, sport - they are everywhere…

What you don't realise is that participating in these, you become the prisoner of your own weaknesses and fears.

You aren’t supported in self-growth because your competition is outside, not within. Driven by judgement, negativity and dread on daily basis, all you have left to enjoy is hating those who are your supposed enemies. You are taught to serve others, forgetting yourself, abandoning your needs and true desires. Your unfulfilled dreams turn into a nightmare reality. Happiness becomes a distant illusion as your inner anger and deep discontentment grow whenever you, deep down, disagree with things yet are too scared to voice your view.

Your leaders need scared and angry followers to justify their attacks and wholly DESTRUCTIVE actions. They promise peace and safety, yet none of the participants feel peaceful nor safe in the midst of war of who is better. Promising unity you end up separated from the rest of humanity and Self. Fear is the glue of your tribe and hate is its product.

Hate has never brought anyone positive life, the feeling of safety or happiness.

Any group which needs you to become 'them' is disrespecting your originality, asking you to deny your talents. Because by FOLLOWING you must become oblivious to your heart's desires and needs. And love will never ask that of you. As much as truth will never ask you to stop questioning it.

Don't be afraid to become your own leader. Follow the calling of your inner God. All you have to do is to get to know yourself really well, and trust your inner guidance when making choices.

The questions you need to be asking yourself are simple:

Do I feel free to be the person I wish to be?

Do I feel supported in getting to know who I truly am?

Is my religion love, compassion, peace and unity?

Because if it isn’t, it is the LACK of thereof…

Thank you for reading. If my article contributed to understanding yourself, please be generous and share it with others.

Copyright © 2017 Michaela Patel

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