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  • Michaela Patel


Would you like more peace in life starting right now?

There are 3 things you can change with reading the last sentence of this article. The whole point of me writing this is for you to realise (and remove!) the MAJOR sources of negativity from your life.

So what are they?

You may say work, or lack of finances for things you wish to do. But no, that actually ISN'T it.

Do you even realise that over 95% of news you listen to EVERY DAY are about things gone WRONG in the world?

We repeatedly hear about wars, murders, natural disasters, and political conflicts. We read, and unknowingly soak up tuns of negativity on social media due to unlimited opportunity for gossip.

The shade!

Do you know that literally EVERYTHING negative we come across, we think about? Even it it is for a minute, it has an impact on how we feel. Oftentimes, we don't even realise that the activity we are indulging in is actually bad for us.

Imagine you get bad news about a close family member who had an accident? Yes, it is more personal and of course you feel it more. But don't be fooled that all those negative news in media are not affecting you.

Small, REGULAR doses of negativity have a cumulative effect on our wellbeing.

We may not even notice it because as it happens our mind is skilled in pushing the negative stuff away. We block it out...

But where does it go?

Into our SUBCONSCIOUS! And it sits there, greatly increasing our underline fearfulness.

Why is there such rise of anxiety in our society? Do we think that all the daily publicised atrocities, conflicts, dramas, has had zero impact?

Anything thought of, said, or seen has an impact on our psyche, either we acknowledge it, or not.

But only when we do, there is a chance for us to deal with it. Only when we attend to our painful emotions we can search for their cause. By pretending there is no pain in our lives, we are letting it cause more damage...

There are simple changes which will radically change your life, bringing in a sense of peace and an immediate relief.

1. Stop listening to the news (radio, TV, newspapers)!

Rest assured that when you need to know something, you WILL from people close to you, colleagues at work, etc. If you don't, it won't harm you. You can hardly help anyone by being anxious, on edge, having negative mindset, or being plain grumpy.

I believe that if we didn't feed into the media hungry for negativity (as a way of distracting ourselves from our unresolved, internal conflicts), they would cease to exist in their current form.

2. Remove violent movies and games!

EVERYTHING we experience has a further impact on how we perceive, think and feel. And as if it wasn't enough to hear the news, we indulge in yet more negativity!

Our thoughts are SHAPED by our experiences. Imagine what effect has a violent and destructive game on your psyche? You may say 'I know it's not real!'. Yes, the player knows that much.

What we don't realise is that all of what we experience emotionally, immersed during such 'entertainment', is subconsciously affecting us hormonally and energetically.

On the level of thought, before and after a game, we know the happening ISN'T real. However, our emotional reactions to those happenings ARE. Our emotions affect the chemistry of our bodies and alter our body energy!

If violence on the screen is our way of escaping reality from what doesn't make us feel, why do we ESCAPE into more negativity? Because we simply DON'T realise what we are doing to ourselves! Because we so often practice numbing and distracting, instead of strengthening our emotional feedback. Our brains are so over stimulated that we are not aware what is going on in the rest of our Being. We may THINK that we are less stressed, but FEEL otherwise. Not acknowledging it, doesn't make it go away. One just needs a stronger painkiller next time...

3. Refrain from engaging in gossip!

This applies to wide spread gossiping across social media and at work. Just how many hours a day do we spend browsing social media sites, plus dumping things at work?

Having a laugh, we get a FALSE sense of connecting with others. Not contributing to anything but spreading negativity further, our frustrations remain. Besides, gossiping creates a destructive atmosphere for creative work!

We must grasp that every personal STORY is biased - based on people's thoughts and resulting feelings. Because we all think and feel different, our opinions are always partly assumptions. So why would they matter? The intention to gossip comes from INSECURITY: to get VALIDATION - to make oneself feel better without giving others chance to have their say. There are always (at least) two sides to every story. We all perceive differently. Our points of view are as unique as our finger prints!

I challenge you to try all the above for a week. However, I know from my own experience, that even a single day has a completely different feel. I am happier, more focused on things and people I love, and very much in control of MY WORLD, simply because I chose my reality for me...

Thank you for reading. If my article contributed to understanding yourself, please be generous and share it with others.

Copyright © 2016 Michaela Patel

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