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  • Michaela Patel


My blogs are an attempt to wake you up from the nightmare you don't know you are dreaming, to the emotional pain you feel but fail to acknowledge, and the illusion of happiness you may be living.

And after you have noticed that you are HURTING and where, to help you deal with the issues you may be facing.

I feel the best way to TRANSCEND my own pain is to put it to good use - to benefit you.

I like to bring awareness and breathe Life into your Being. I like to wake you up to the Truth and life you don't have to just dream about, but deserve to live. I like to wake you up to true happiness.

Beware however. Seeing the Truth for the first time can be scarier than dreaming a nightmare.

Why? Because we know its for real. Because seeing clearly, we know this is it, that we have to deal with it, and there is no where to hide...

...unless, of course, we like to fall asleep again and go back to dreaming our nightmare.

But what's worse?

I chose the Truth, because facing an illusion its challenges are ILLUSIONARY. And so is the result of such battle. If we are to invest our ENERGY into overcoming our fear, at least we know we have a fair chance - not an illusionary one.

When we AWAKEN from our life driven by its survival, we become present to the world as it is - be it our inner world, or the outside one.

Seeing everything clearly doesn't happen immediately, but step by step. As we overcome few challenges and become braver, more authentic with ourselves, in time we uncover more Truth under the veil of collective illusion.

And this is precisely my mission here: to be the BRIDGE between the unconsciously wounded, reactive underworld, AND the healed, conscious world full of life we have truly chosen. To be the one who points out to the veil over one's Being and says 'Hey! Look! There may be something weighing you down! Wanna check it out!?'

My questions are provocative, probing, and oftentimes painful, to encourage you to break the REPETITIVE patterns of your thinking and perceiving. To snap you out of your deep sleep. Because HOW do you wake up someone who is in a deep sleep?

You gently talk to them?

You shake them?

You shout their name?

Eventually one needs to use a painful stimulus if everything else fails.

And this is precisely what life does to us.... It SHAKES US UP. The more stress, struggle and emotional pain we experience, the more life urges is to be present to what is going on. 'Why has my relationship failed? Why am I so anxious? Why do I feel so lonely?'

Our pain is pointing us in a direction of what needs our attention and healing.

But do we listen? No...

Is my mission impossible then?

Because we get this on a PHYSICAL level, but EMOTIONALLY our wounds go largely unnoticed.

If it was our arm hurting badly we attend to it immediately, don't we?

See the issue here is that we KNOW when we get physically wounded, but we do NOT know there is something not quite right emotionally. Unless, of course, our emotional pain starts to cause damage in our physical bodies. But even then our traditional way of treatment attends to the physical symptoms alone...

We all suffer, don't we? Who knows what's ok, and what is not?

It is difficult to see our wounds in a minefield full of wounded soldiers. We see drama and pain literally everywhere - at home, at school, at work, on TV. On top of that we like to numb the pain as our society largely approves of alcohol, cigarettes, prescription drugs. It is normal to intoxicate yourself, everyone does it!

The problem is that suffering became a norm...

This is why no one attends to their pain, because pain is EVERYWHERE to be seen, heard and felt.

But I can assure you it doesn't have to be this way IF we can face the Truth. If we are brave enough to attend to our wounds. Because without real courage we will continue fighting our endless, illusionary battles, with our illusionary tools, which bring REAL pain into our illusionary lives...

So, are you up for a real challenge? Start with finding out who you are, and if you truly love yourself.

Happiness is just around the corner from there ;)

Thank you for reading. If my article contributed to understanding yourself, please be generous and share it with others.

Copyright © 2016 Michaela Patel

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