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  • Michaela Patel


We love having more. Bigger! Better! Newer stuff. It makes us feel good about ourselves.

Doing, having or looking ‘better than' others makes us feel special….worthy.

The famous advertising campaign says it all :’Because you are worth it'....'You damm right I am!'


Do we really subconsciously BELIEVE that true worth of a human Being comes from possessing a new product?

Well, if we didn't, many of us would loose their business, and big international companies would go bust.

This is how it goes....

Companies target people with low self-esteem. Those who want to feel better about themselves. They aim at those who truly DON'T KNOW their worth. Hence are easily convinced that 'if you have that, or look like that, you would be happier'.

They make us feel as though we grow in VALUE AS A PERSON if we use their valuable product.

So hang on!? Are they implying that we are NOT worthy enough as we ARE? (without buying what they are selling). Or are they really praying on our insecurities and lack of awareness about who we are??

It is sad really how deluded we are, thinking that our worth, and quality of a character, has a direct correlation to owning A THING. Because it is as FAKE as putting a make-up on to cover up the features we hate about ourselves the most!

True worth comes from a constant feeling good about ourselves on the inside. It is an internal, pretty reliable affair, NOT fluctuating with anything going on the OUTSIDE.

On the other hand, the feel good sources our society is addicted to, is a constantly moving target. A temporary fix. We are being sold a short term 'happy meal' after which we are left hungry for more.

Do you remember how happy you were to buy a new outfit?

Now you are thinking: 'Which one?'

Well, I don't know, you tell me! For sure if it was a reliable and sustainable source of your happiness you would remember....?

Ok, something else….

Remember you got that new car? (Please don't say which one!) Ok, good, yes the one you are driving to work. Is THAT making you jump with joy every Monday? No?

Hmmm....let me see....

What about the house you live in? Yes, the super cool place of yours. You moved in from that old place you didnt really like. So now, are you happy not longing for more?

Do you feel grateful, dancing around with joy every day? Oh, you did only for few days initially? And you thought that WILL BE IT, didn't you?

You see TRUE happiness, like true love, isn't something you GET or BUY tomorrow. It is a state of mind, coming from feeling really good about ourselves deep down. It is a state of true contentment, coming from being truthful and honest with oneself.

It really comes down to one thing: KNOWING WE DON'T CHEAT OURSELVES.

That we are truthfully answering our own questions, like: Do I really like this person, or do I just pretend to get something out of it? Do I feel irritable in the company of my partner? Do I hate my job? Do I like to look good because I believe others wouldn't accept me/love me? Am I scared of loneliness? Do I hate myself for what I’ve done? Do I believe that I am worthless because I am not good looking?

The choice is ours. We either stare into the naked face of Truth, or we camouflage ourselves with lies....

Any irritability felt with respect to a trail of thought in our mind. is pointing to our internal conflict: to something we truly believe in, but lie to ourselves about it.

The more lies, the more discontentment. The louder the voice of discontentment, the more we are cheating ourselves with respect to that issue. It bloody hurts. And NO, it DOESN'T make us feel good!

But if we decide to remedy this pain with painkillers like shopping, or beautifying ourselves on the outside, we will remain to live an illusion. We will become an easy target to those who will exploit us. We will attract liars into our life.

They say that you attract that YOU ARE….

Thank you for reading. If my article contributed to understanding yourself, please be generous and share it with others.

Copyright © 2016 Michaela Patel

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