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  • Michaela Patel


So I set up my new website….

I am excited to share my knowledge with a pure intention: to help you see YOUR struggle in mine. For you to see yoursef in my writings - to be your MIRROR. To acknowledge your mistakes in mine.

But also for you to realise your potential. To increase your awareness of who you are, and of the consequences of your choices.

I wanted you to open your eyes to see how you live your life, and where you focus your attention on.

I wanted you to question what I say, and yourself, instead of blindly BELIEVING.

I like you to discover your inner power. I like you to start believing in yourself, so that you realise how able and enough you are. How significant and loveable you are!

My page was set up with utmost intention: to ease the struggle in the world by turning people’s attention inwards.

To attend to themselves. To stop NEGLECTING themselves.

Because inside us we hold the power to change. That is the only real control we have - over ourselves....

I want you to learn, that if you can manage yourself, you can steer your way through life.

And if everyone can start within, we will stop bumping into each other! We will stop crossing each other's paths in disrespectful and unkind ways. We will have fever accidents causing us to suffer.

I just wanted you to STOP, and re-evaluate your journey. To stop denying your feelings to yourself. To admit that you struggle, instead of pretending, because its so counterproductive! Pretending means you are following a lie., OK? Unfortunately, a lie leads you (again and only) to another lie. Before you know it, you find yourself in a scary wonderland.

I didn’t want to teach you how to fix yourself, but to realise the PERFECTION you are born with! (Which you sadly no longer believe in, hence behaving accordingly.)

I always thought after having these ‘aha’ moments that:

“If only someone has shown me before I didnt have go through the pain myself”.

“if only I knew about narcissism I would be more vigilantl”

“If only I knew who I was I would choose the things I really want”

“If only I knew someone has similar issues I could learn from them"

This IF ONLY.…is WHY I wanted to give the knowledge I accumulated through countless struggles away. To others. To you! So that you also go “aha”, and don’t take that shady road.... avoid seeing that guy.... so that you stop needing to be loved….

I believe that I have traveled roads of Life which some of you have been through, some are maybe half way heading in the same direction, and some have not set off yet….

For those who have NOT set off yet, my blogs are a series of warning signals on their crossroads. They are the pointers and the red lights, to make their journey hopefully smoother than my own; for them to stop and evaluate….ask questions!

My hope is not preventing future accidents altogether, but perhaps making them less serious. So that your recovery time is faster, and you have a spare energy to find your way out of trouble. Ideally, that you take notice. Lots of notice. That you evaluate your emotions and take your time…. that your are fully aware WHERE YOU WANT TO BE HEADING.

I hope that those who may be somewhere along a similar 'struggle trip', wake up and take U-turn. That those who have been through this trip can exchange their views - that they also find the courage to teach. I realised that I don’t have to wait till I am classified as 'approved and knowledgeable’ to share things with you. That if my intentions are pure it is a GOOD ENOUGH reason.

Because all I am doing, is making YOU to look within - advocating self-love, self-care, self-respect and self-discipline. And that can hardly hurt others....

Copyright © 2016 Michaela Patel

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