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  • Michaela Patel


How come some of us are happy, yet others are not, when we all started with the exact same potential?

We all have the potential to be the saint. The light. The NICE person. The genius and inspiration to the rest of us. The positivity. The joy and laughter. Love.

Our differences start with CHOOSING one over the other....

One is to destroy, the other is to create. One is choosing the Ego, the other is choosing the Heart. One is choosing negativity, the other positivity.

What we chose depends on our AWARENESS: knowing who we are....

Because when we really know who we are, we know what we want and what we don't. It all comes down to being responsible for our choice.

But one can be hardly responsible if he/she are not aware what he/she wants.

We simply cannot know what we TRULY DESIRE if we don't know who we TRULY ARE.

So if you are stuck on a bumpy road, in misery and in pain, you most likely don't know who you are...

Most of us aren't even aware that they have a choice. They live their life as though they have no control over it. Like they are dragged on by circumstances, and people. Like life just happens to them and they are powerless.

Like victims....

Yes, they are in a mess, and most likely they have been in this mess for a long time. This is WHY they feel they haven't chosen it. But they only forgot. That at some point in their lives, they have made a choice. That they were standing at a junction and took a turn. And that it was their choice which led to a series of future stops along this journey. Journey THEY decided to take.

Some of us take a wrong turn with more awareness: we see that it was a bad call, that we aren't satisfied with the scenery, and realise we need to take a U-turn. We realise we made a bad decision, and we make it our priority to find our way out.

Others take a bad turn but are too busy doing other things instead of noticing the scenery. They do not bother noticing the road and how this is the trip makig them feel.

Sometimes perhaps they do notice they are traveling through less appealing places, but they decide to PRETEND they like what they see. No sense of direction, not entirely happy with where they are heading, they get lost on a life's map.

In denial of their own responsibility they go: 'Oh it's your fault! Didn't you notice?! Were you not reading the map correctly?'

Never mind we are the drivers on OUR own life journey. We blame the passengers: 'No, for sure it wasn't my fault, you MADE ME take a bad turn!'

How convenient....

So we end up stuck in toxic relationships, stuck in a job we hate, we commit crime....

We are on a road to pain. Road to hell.

Some of us get stuck in a victim role, pointing fingers at the passengers, blaming everyone and everything crossing the road. We even make a little bump on the road look like a huge obstruction. We are feeling very powerless indeed. Being stuck in a misery, refusing to accept responsibility, constantly crying for attention.

Or worse: some of us are 'proud' of being the bad guy....wanting to make ourselves visible FOR all the wrong things, all the drama, pretending we actually chose it. It's just an act to look good, but deep down we don't want to be heading to hell. NO ONE does....

No one likes problems, negativity...pain. It just somehow became our way of life. Some of us would much rather PRETEND it's OK to live like that. They put a fake smile on, and resign.... Rather than facing the fact that they may have made a mistake at some point.

Good God, what don't we do to look good....?

So how come we ended up driving ourselves on a journey to regret?

Because somewhere along the way we made that FIRST poor choice....

Thank you for reading. If my article contributed to understanding yourself, please be generous and share it with others.

Copyright © 2016 Michaela Patel

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