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  • Michaela Patel



I see my inner child (my immature Self) from a perspective of my adult ( the mature Self) - from the perspective of who I am today... I am my own MOTHER and CARER.

I understand how my child feels when she says:

'Its not fair.’ ....she is feeling DISAPPOINTMENT

'I am innocent, its not my fault!’ 'Why is this happening to me?!’...when she feels DESPAIR

'Why are you being so bad to me?’ ....RESENTMENT

'I don’t deserve this.' I have been nothing but good to you.’ ....HATE/ANGER

'I don’t need this! ‘ ....when she is AVOIDANT

I know that my child takes things personally. I know that she often assumes, that she often sees situation through the filter of her past experiences. I know that the faster her response is, the more practiced and the more subconscious/automatic her reaction is. She doesn't often act consciously but REACTS from her past wounds.

I know how scared my child can be. How she can create stories in her head of future events and how, as a result of that, she can feel powerless...

I treat my inner child with UNDERSTANDING. I know better than her with the help of my wisdom and patience to support me.

I see my child's wounds with COMPASSION. I am not scared to look at them, and I am at hand to heal them.

I give her UNCONDITIONAL LOVE for her childish, REACTIVE behaviour because I know she only reacts from her emotional wounds being triggered. I know that at those times she is in pain. I always FORGIVE her. I soothe her when she is in the shadows. I gently remind her of her own light, and lead her on her journey into adulthood. I am the light which guides her on her journey from the shadows...


Mother understands how important is understanding her own emotions. How important it is to let her emotions flow unhindered - to allow their healing effect in her psyche - to restore balance, peace. She mastered emotional REGULATION. She knows that when emotions subside she can use her intellect, her mind, to make sense of what thoughts are behind these emotions. She can track her intentions behind her thoughts so that she can understand herself better. She sees if her intentions are pure - coming from love and peace - from who she really is today, in line with the Truth because she is honest with herself. She sees if it serves her well. If not, she can change her thoughts for better. She knows that she is responsible for her thoughts and that managing her mind is the only way to inner peace, happiness. That if she doesnt rule her mind, her mind will rule her. When she quiets her mind, she can tune into her body, and her intuition.

She wants to understand herself and uses all her tools - her mind, body, emotions and intuition - to fine tune into the complexity of her Being.

She teaches her inner child that she also must allow her emotions to surface, that she must allow them to speak if she wants to understand her inner world….herself.

UNDERSTANDING oneself is so important: understanding who we are, why we react the way we do, what we truly desire and what serves us well.

If WE don't know, WHO is meant to know then?! ...Our partner, our friend, our neighbour?

Once we truly get to know ourselves, we stop asking others for their opinion.

We stop seeking validation from the world. We stop asking others to understand who we are because WE KNOW! We know exactly what to do and how to be...

And that is when we feel free because other's opinion about us doesn't matter anymore....

Thank you for reading. If my article contributed to understanding yourself, please be generous and share it with others.

Copyright © 2016 Michaela Patel


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