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  • Michaela Patel


There is nothing mysterious about the third eye. We all possess it.

How well is your third eye functioning? How able are you to see?

The more angles we can observe an object or a situation from, the clearer and truer its image. From a mystical point of view, the third eye is the mind's eye with perception beyond ordinary sight.

However esotherically sounding, 'seeing beyond the ordinary' isn't a form of mystery. It simply refers to our ability to observe ourselves in order to gain consciousness.

Observing the faults in others, an act we are rather well versed in, isn't its purpose however. That is just the mind looking for problems...

Having a well functioning third eye means that we are able to observe our own actions, our thoughts and feelings, including the sensations coming from beyond our five senses. Absent in our physical dimension, our third eye is the only channel of connection to our true Selves, which (surprise surprise) also resides outside and beyond that we can physically see. Anyone who has discovered their true nature couldn't have achieved so without the use of their third eye - an inbuilt tool for guidance and self-growth. Learning much there is about themselves they realised just how much more there is to their existence their mind alone have never taught them.

How open is your third eye refers to how much of your time you manage to stay awake, self-aware, truly conscious and connected to the truth.

Sadly, many have their third eye closed for most of their lives. Unable to experience their vastness and omnipotence, they fight, resist and conquer, others, foolishly chasing happiness in all the wrong places. Deluded to what is real, they believe that their third eye is just a spiritual nonsense. Unable to break through the illusion of their own mind, their view of themselves is very limited.

As children our ability to observe was excellent. Not carrying any baggage on our minds allowed us to be totally in the moment. Although we weren’t self-aware per say we were still very much in touch with our emotions, instincts, and intuition - our inner guidance and truth. In time and with the 'guidance' of others, we began to fall asleep. Majority of our day to day living runs on autopilot, we do stuff and say things which are driven from our unconscious ‘belief malware disc’. And others have had theirs installed too! Our collective unawareness - 'the lie cloud’ - is a useful way to control the power of people...

It is only when we aren’t aware of our own power that we become scared.

Unaware, we do things how we believe they should be done based on our thoughts. Most of which are a collection of borrowed assumptions and habits of our predecessors we've never dared to question. Enslaved by the system of ‘you aren't enough if you don't buy what we are selling’, the world of distractions works like a charm. It keeps us preoccupied with thoughts and things to do, busy. Our invasive thoughts and turbulent emotions we cannot make any sense of, create a chaos in our lives. What a mess!

Inevitably, there comes a point when we get tired from overachieving, exhausted from pretending, just to be liked by someone else...

Your third eye, the channel of higher consciousness, can start to open up whenever you are totally present and open to perceiving. When you can let go, without controlling what 'needs to be'. Without being in your head, you feel the peace of sinking into a comfortable, back seat of your consciousness. It is from this space that you are able to truly self-reflect and grow beyond your old Self.

At any point you can unhook yourself from the artificial reality of your mind ruminating ideas. By choosing to see the truth, you become free. Free to observe and be with you, beyond your mind's comprehension, to finally meet life in all its glory...

Thank you for reading. If my article contributed to understanding yourself, please be generous and share it with others.

Copyright © 2020 Michaela Patel


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