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Would you like to feel relaxed and free? It should be so simple, shouldn't it?

We only need to find out what prevents us from BEING. What could it be?

Hmm, let me think...

On average, we produce 2500 thoughts per hour. Out of which 80% are negative and 95% repetitive thoughts. Are you up for a break?

There is a vast difference between being and thinking, yet most of us never question it! Realising that up untill now we have been living in an imaginary world of our heads, we have worked so hard at creating, we actually notice very little of the reality around and inside of ourselves. Unaware of this our experiences are very limited, our views narrow, our freedom restricted.

Imagine you are relaxing on a green field, watching clouds passing by. Being fully present, you don't worry about the shape of the clouds or what they could mean. Rather you are taking it all in without the need to interfere. At that moment you are conscious.

The backdrop of our mind is the infinite blue sky of our consciousness - the vastness our thoughts are just a small proportion of. When we are able to simply observe the never ending stream of the clouds on our mind (excuse the pun), without jumping on board with what they are saying, we are blessed to be. Furthermore, our ability to observe is essential to finding who we are!

When we can shift our perspective and our perception out of who we think we are, from what our mind tells us about us, we come to experience who we really are. The thinking mind is so full on and of itself, isn't it? When our thinking takes over our being, our existence is ruled by our Ego, the part of our mind we grew in order to survive in the jungle of other Egos, those many others who are also unware and very much identified with their thinking. Which is, sadly, how we turned this tool of ours into a weapon against others and into a straitjacket for ourselves.

Growing our Ego was our way of adapting to our environment. It has helped us to survive the put downs and disrespect coming from other Egos. It 'toughened us up'. But it also made us very reactive and judgmental towards others, including ourselves. We became our own harshest critic and chief commander. Everyone has their own Ego which holds a picture of what and who is 'right or wrong'. You don't need to look far beyond your own family to notice someone who od perpetually unhappy. They may be agitated, angry and unreasonable, or very much emotionally withdrawn, timid and distant. Disconnected from themselves, they are desperately trying to find solution for their inner pain on the outside...

To conquer the Ego, to make our mind serve us well, we must start within. Forget others and their Egos, leave those fights to them! If you truly want to help others, live by an example. Did you know the one thing that gets through the Ego-barrier with ease is inspiration?

'Inspiration is a direct Soul to Soul communication.'

- Trueloveempath

If we want to know ourselves, we have to stop kidding ourselves. We have to stop pretending only to avoid being judged by others. It is the first step on our inner journey to finding freedom and long term happiness. Momentary happiness, on the other hand, needs constant feeding with new things like a black hole. No matter how much you feed it with possessions or people, it is never enough. We often feel like we are not enough ourselves as a result of this madness, feeling 'less than', insecure, as a result of Ego's leadership.

To understand yourself on a deeper level, beyond the level of your thoughts, to experiece your true nature from within, you have to wake up your consciousness. You are more than your mind is capable of comprehending!

Are you serious about getting to know yourself? Start noticing your self-talk.

When we are in the moment, fully present, our perceptions unhindered by the past pain or future fears, we can choose to relate to ourselves and others from our true nature. The language of our True Self is the language of love, respect, and non-judgement, which opens a completely different dialogue where agreements are reached, balance is restored, harmony of Life ensures.

Learn more about consciousness to discover who you are!

Thank you for reading. If my article contributed to understanding yourself, please be generous and share it with others.

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