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  • Michaela Patel


Us empaths, we are highly tuned to the EMOTIONAL IMBALANCE of our environment. And because we are so emotionally sensitive, we are drawn to emotional dis-ease as moths to flame...

Our emotional radar (even though we might not be consciously aware of it) scans our environment, allowing the toxic energy of drama to permeate our being FAST. There is so much of it around: in our immediate vicinity, on our phones, or whenever we press the button of a TV or a radio. The emotional toxicity, causing us distress, is literally everywhere. The drama of others can initially seem like a sweet escape from our own inner turmoil, but like a happy gas - it can slowly poisons us if we aren't fully aware of the effects on our psyche.

If you are a particularly unaware, unhealed empath, you are likely to form relationships with those from the opposite side of empathic spectrum: narcissits and sociopaths. Being brought up by carers who exhibited narcissitic traits (self-centred, emotionally abusive), you are unconsciously looking to heal your childhood emotional wounding in relationships with similar, emotionally immature, characters.

Basically, you are looking to finally find love and acceptance in familiar scenarios because you grew up in an emotionally unhealthy environment where emotions were denied, hence not talked about, where drama was a usual occurence as a way to deal with problems. You learned to vent and dump your emotional unease onto others at times of immense pressure, never to work with your emotions towards self-protection. For you drama means love - particularly when it is all over...

If your carers were majorly emotionally wounded, they dissociated from their emotional bodies at times when they were children. If you cannot trace any emotionally abusive events in your family, remember all pain is relative to the sufferer. Also that emotionally cut off souls typically 'delete' their painful memories to stop them feeling their pain. This is the basis for karmic pain being carried over generations as emotional unawareness breeds more emotional trauma and immaturity in generations to come.

But at some point a major life event happens to you, attempting to stop you in your karmic tracks...

A life crisis isn’t anything else but an attempt of YOUR WHOLE BEING to wake you up. It has suffered as a result of the imbalance of your mind-heart-body-soul complex because you put too much emphasis on one of its parts and neglected the rest. It is shockingly painful for a reason: like an 'inner panic alarm' it is meant o alert you to the dangerous levels of emotional toxicity and your own unawareness. By going through depression, anxiety, panic attacks (or an ADDICTION as a symptom of your emotional crisis) you are given a rare opportunity. Grab it, or leave it. But know that this opportunity might not arise again anytime soon.

Many empaths go through such crises, deciding to end their long term relationships. We knew things aren’t OK for a long time, but wanted to keep appearances in line with what was asked of us. Our happiness heavily depended on our partner’s. We weren’t aware of our empathy, nor of their emotional disconnection or the role we played in keeping our social act going.

So how come we took this unwanted role upon ourselves?

Continue to part 2.

Thank you for reading. If my article contributed to understanding yourself, please be generous and share it with others.

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