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  • Michaela Patel


Only when we are brave enough to acknowledge and learn more about our DARK SIDE, we get closer to, and experience, our true nature. By getting closer to our goodness we finally experiece true love...

Your demons are teaching you what you are NOT, serving your HIGHER GOOD.

For example, our Ego teaches us that life isn't all about survival and chasing power, but rather about living and surrender. Our resistance to what is is teaching us about how to be in the flow of life and use what exists to our advantage.

Facing our demons, we learn that our fear of feeling powerless in a relationship is actually preventing us from feeling truly empowered. By fearing being vulnerable we are distancing ourselves further from the love we are seeking and truly desire. Fear of understanding how much we actually dislike ourselves is preventing us from feeling unconditinal love for ourselves.

We fear asking ourselves: 'What if I am a selfish ...a cheat... BAD?'

We rather blame others. Oftentimes, in the heat of an angry moment we blame them for qualities which aren't really theirs, projecting our flaws onto them, seeing in others what we fear in ourselves the most.

What we fear the most are our emotions which arise with considering that we have 'not-so-good side' to ourselves.

We call those emotions 'bad', not aware that when we allow them to exist and wash away the unwanted, we can finally change for good, and heal...

We simply do damage to ourselves because we do not know how to use our emotions to our advantage. We haven't learned their role, yet we are quick to label them. Of course they can be damaging if used in incorrect direction and not for their intended purpose, destructively.

If you can allow the flow all your emotions without being scared that they will DEFINE YOU, you will realise how soon they will leave you. You will see that you are not your anger, nor your fear.

If we allow our demons to exist without fear of looking bad, we will learn more about how they can serve us, rather than let them destroy the love for ourselves and our happiness. By their denial we deny ourselves their help.

We simply cannot grow to wholeness without considering and facing certain parts of ourselves. No matter how unpleasant they are. Yes, it is uncomfortable and conflicting, but the truth is that without this process we won't ever feel content and at peace.

The fear to feel your badness is preventing us from realising and feeling your goodness. The resistance to you having a dark side is serving to its own preservation. It is the ultimate form of COURAGE to face your own darkness, and the ultimate form of surrender to admit the power it has over you. And only when you DO, its power starts to diminish...

Our demons cannot exist in the presence of FEARLESSNESS, because that comes from our light.

You were born fearless. You were born LIGHT. So stop playing into the cards of your darkness by pretending it doesn't exist. Be authentic with yourself and ask yourself: Who is the ME I am scared of the most? What part of me do I prefer to hide? What qualities I hate the most about my enemies?

Because as you may already know, what we resist persists...

Thank you for reading. If my article contributed to understanding yourself, please be generous and share it with others.

Copyright © 2017 Michaela Patel

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