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  • Michaela Patel


To become a true leader one has to master oneself first on all levels.

We are keen to understand our thought processes and use our mind to help us navigate through life, yet our emotions get often forgotten...

We are emotional Beings yet we find it hard to acknowledge this part of ourselves.

Why do we stop feeling and deny ourselves this valuable healing force and connection to our own hearts? Why do we cut ourselves off the help of our emotional feedback?

The answer is simple: because there is little education on the topic of emotions and how to manage them.

Focusing on our feelings (rather than their denial) is needed for their resolution. As much as focusing on our thoughts is needed for their resolution. Denial or distraction weakens us long term.

Yes we ma feel transiently 'weak', whilst admitting there is an issue with us not understanding ourselves, thinking of ourselves as being somehow inadequate with respect to dealing with an emotional issue. I like you to know that this UNSETTLING feeling is just momentary. It shall pass as soon as we identify 'What needs help/support?' and start using our mind in CONSTRUCTIVE ways at correcting that. Answers like 'I do not know what I am feeling right now' are a good starting point!

To become our own leader, who shines in the department of emotional intelligence, we must learn a great deal about our emotions. We must learn to LISTEN to ourselves, and attend to the unpleasant thoughts behind our emotions.

Being encouraging (as supposed to discouraging) we inspire ourselves to work things through in time, building trust in our own ability. Using our mind DESTRUCTIVELY however, by putting ourselves down, we are not being the leader we deserve to have. By using our mind negatively, we are destroying our confidence, and with it our ability to deal with our emotions. In time falling further behind true leaders, having poor social skills, demotivating ourselves and others.

How do you coach you? Do you allow your thoughts run rampant? Do you ignore your emotions?

Good coach creates conditions for admitting his/her vulnerabilities. Weaknesses need to be addressed to move through them. Denial won't resolve them, nor it will strengthen our skills and character. On the other hand admitting our weakness builds confidence. Good coach also fosters talent by encouragement, knowing that failing is the only ladder to improvement. S/he understands that results are not immediate.

The infamous world leaders have all had one in common: EMOTIONAL DETACHMENT and lack of empathy, They have failed to understand themseves and life. They were as DEAD on the inside as became their targets. Destruction on the inside has reflected in the war zones they left behind.

Remember, true leader INSPIRES to do better, knowing positivity leads to positive outcomes.

The best leaders humanity knows were highly empathic, emotionally intelligent, with superb social skills.

I am not writing this for you to follow them but LIKE THEM for you to follow yourself by attending to your emotions. Become a spiritual leader for yourself, and others. With love, patience, compassion and respect for yourself, courageous to tackle your own fears and weaknesses first, before you tackle those of others. Your emotions are not as scary once you learn their role and how to work WITH them. Don't allow their denial and your false beliefs about them work against you.

Thank you for reading. If my article contributed to understanding yourself, please be generous and share it with others.

Copyright © 2017 Michaela Patel

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