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  • Michaela Patel


Blind spots are areas of our unawareness. We often THINK that we know how we are being, yet completely lacking insight.

We could divide the areas of our unawareness into two:

1/ how WE act and treat others

2/ how OTHERS act and treat us

The longer the relationship with a person, the LESS we see how we are being simply because of the number of repetitions driven unknowingly, from our subconscious mind.

The higher the number of actions we have taken, the more automatic it becomes. Like when driving a car we don't think of the many steps we actually do. We are NOT PRESENT to our actions but driving accordingly to how we have been taught, CONDITIONED. Our characters have been shaped into the drivers we are today: the moody one who likes to pick fights, the nervous one who constantly worries about his/her direction, the angry one who takes everything personally, the pleasing one who goes out his/her own way to accomodate others.

The way we navigate through life depends on what we BELIEVE about ourselves.

Do you believe you can manage anything life throws at you? Do you worry and doubt yourself encountering an obstacle?

Our MINDSET determines how we are going to drive before we even set off. Before we even encounter a road block, miss a turn, or get stuck in traffic. And how we REACT to these is driven by our blind spots. Are we even surprised that we bump into each other repeatedly?

Every time you look back at how you have driven (how you have acted) when you had an accident, there lies your blind spot. A potential silet killer of your peace. OR your opportunity to become a better driver. Your opportunity for growth is hidden in your unawareness.

It is up to you what you choose to do when picking up the pieces after a crash. If you use this opportunity to REFLECT you cannot but become more experienced and safer participant.

You become more vigilant, conscious, awakened, if you can stop and ask yourself:

How come I did not see it coming?

Why have I driven straight into others and crashed? Where is my blind spot? Particularly when we come to similar 'accidents' in life like similar types of people we choose for a relationship/friendship ending up hurting, or a same kind of argument we engage in ending up in rage.

Your blind spot is your weakness. It impairs you, undermines your confidence, and it can easily drive you into depression. It can make you think that life is a bad joke, not understanding where you are heading.

We all get lost sometimes. The difference between those of us who get life, and those of us who don't, is understanding that blaming others for their weaknesses cannot, and will not, help us in discovering our own.

Our karma is our driving instructor. The pain of our childhood conditioning, our old hurt, has shaped us into the drivers we are. Our pain and unhappiness are our lessons. We either lern from them the first time around, or we don't. Eventually we grow from our pain, making our blind spots our focus, changing our crashed pieces into trophies of wisdom...

Thank you for reading. If my article contributed to understanding yourself, please be generous and share it with others.

Copyright © 2017 Michaela Patel

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