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  • Michaela Patel


So we FINALLY admit to ourselves that we have to find our way out of this mess. Out of this misery....unhappiness.

But how??

We have to find our way back.

At some point, and some time back, we traveled through places on the map of Life which were more pleasant. Which may be quite difficult to remember if we were on a bad trip for majority of our life! Nevertheless, there is hope....

All we need is to be willing. We need to really WANT a change of scenery. We have to believe in ourselves. We have to BELIEVE that if we took ourselves here, we have the power to take us back. With faith in our ability, and willingness to turn things around, finding our way out becomes our priority. We stop pointing fingers at our passengers and all the roadblocks. We may decide to drop some people on the first stop. Then, we put our hands firmly on a steering wheel and say:

'I know I can do it. I am ready!'

For sure it won't be a smooth ride back. But I promise you, it WILL get better!

As you start liking your trip, you start enjoying the beauty of the scenery. You notice that it pays of to be aware of where you are heading. You feel excited, experiencing your determination and power on the rise. You suddenly start to feel ALIVE! The faith in your own ability, and your will to travel further becomes unshakable.

You won't rely on others anymore. You will feel truly responsible for the turns you take and empowered by the results. You will be unstoppable....

Firstly, we have to start asking ourselves LOTS of questions. So be curious! Asking the right questions helps us to move to the right points on the map towards happiness and positivity. Towards the light, and away from the darkness.

'What, or who, 'drove' my decisions?'

'Who was I back then?'

'Where have my desires come from?'

'What made me react the way I did?'

'How come I thought it was a good idea?'

....these, and many more, are our keys to a much more pleasant ride. To an awesome trip!

Deeper understanding is awareness. With awareness comes clarity. With clarity comes TRUE responsibility for our choices.

We can only make an INFORMED decision knowing the advantages and disadvantages of each of our options, and by being aware of their consequences.

With responsibility comes true power. Power to steer ourselves into, and out, of life's events. Towards the situations and places we want be in.

Towards people and life we TRULY CHOOSE....

Thank you for reading. If my article contributed to understanding yourself, please be generous and share it with others.

Copyright © 2016 Michaela Patel

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