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  • Michaela Patel


Our inner guidance is a voice of forgiveness and compassion.

If we are to start following this voice, we have to forgive ourselves first and foremost for not being very loving towards ourselves. For THINKING we are not good enough, for thinking that we are bad. For believing the voice of our Ego.

Our Ego isn't bad. It has a function of a servant in our life. Our Ego always tries to 'work things out', to understand the world to PROTECT us.

But what happened when other people judged us? We started to believe what their Ego said. When their Ego made us feel bad, we THOUGHT it must be true because WE are insufficient in some way, that we are not good enough for them to treat us well.

The Ego will never believe the voice of our inner guidance. Because it thinks it's 'better than that' - it thinks it's better than anyone. It is simply too proud to admit its weaknesses! But it will make YOU believe that you ARE weak...

And this is how it gains its power. It takes over our inner voice in time. We are left with THINKING that we know what is 'acceptable, right, good enough' for us, rather than believing in our own perfection and power.

So the truth is distorted by the Ego - who really is our biggest weakness if we let it overpower us!

Ego defines perfection and wants us to achieve it. It doesn't allow us to see that we already have it!

It wants us to engage in the chase. Chase for more. It wants us to believe that when perfection is achieved by its own definition on the OUTSIDE, that we will be happy:

'If I have that thing my life will be perfect' 'If I achieve better mark I will be perfect'

'If I marry my life will be perfect'. 'If I look like that I will be perfect'.

Conditions, conditions, conditions! Are you even surpriced that the love we have for ourselves if so limited!?!

It is because Ego teaches us to reward ourselves with love and feel satisfied when we reach the image of perfection it has set up for us! So the love we reward ourselves with is always endless chase.

If we don't give in to Ego's lies, and when we stop searching endlessly on the outside (and only on the outside), we will start to see how powerful we are, always have been!

What do you believe about yourself?

What does this voice tell you about you? Is it a voice of constant critique, comparison, or a calm and patient voice of gentle encouragement, support?

Do you know who you are? Or do you THINK you know who you are?

Imagine our Ego as a pair of smeared goggles...

This is how our Ego drains us. It drains our power we have, always had. It makes us believe many things which support the BIGGEST LIE - that we are in some way deficient, imperfect.

When we start changing our reactions from Ego driven to inner wisdom/intuition driven, we will start seeing different results, and how different it will makes us FEEL.

Experiencing these profound changes is THE driving force for doing more of that. We are so motivated by the positive results that we never look back. We look rather forward, starting to see a picture emerging of who we truly are...

Thank you for reading. If my article contributed to understanding yourself, please be generous and share it with others.

Copyright © 2016 Michaela Patel

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