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  • Michaela Patel


ego is blind

Activities centred around a group of humans with the ultimate aim to gain power start in the playground.

Some are naturally more skilled in negotiating, willing to do more than others in order to get what they are after. Being cornered way too many times by someone more powerful than themselves they knew full well that their muscles alone won't suffice to get them out sticky situations. Feeling disempowered, the part of their mind that was capable of deception grew in strength. By slowly intoxicating their whole being, it overspilled into their relating with others. Becoming addicted to gaining power by deceit is why our planet became so ill with politics. On the surface we can blame certain governments and organisations or the people who rule them. Diving deeper however, there is the real parasite: a narrow mind. Polluted with false beliefs about its inadequacy, it is incapable of foreseeing things from a wider angle. Unable to ‘zoom out’, it has no awareness of itself.

limited mind quote

When we aren't capable to hold multiple views at once, simplyfying issues at hand, we practice reductionism. For a simple mind a conflict becomes the only solution because things seem black and white, with people divided into villains and perpetrators. Certainly through the media lens, which is constantly playing into our need to belong to one or the other camp, it is often looking like that. An unaware mind wants to belong somewhere by a default, and because its identity needs a profile of some sort neither camp is short of supporters slagging off the other side.

Consciousness already belongs everywhere because of its ability to observe without identification, making for a much fairer view.

A conflict (not a disagreement) is a complex shade caused by insecure, fearful minds. For an aware mind an overwhelming majority of its fears aren’t perceived as real, hence an overwhelming majority (if not all!) of worldly conflicts being totally unnecessary. Unnecessary fighting, needless killing and dying. It understands that the world peace never was and never can be restored by starting a destruction. The mind infected with Egotism, on the other hand, makes short sighted, purely self-serving choices, concerned with the illusion of self-preservation, when in the end it is going to die anyway. Go figure...

They say live and let live. The issue is that most of the prominent minds (although in certain directions intelligent) aren’t concerned with living but mostly with surviving: a one sided, truly destructive way of viewing life.

What goes around…

Karma isn’t a bitch, nor the enemy. Rather an effective way of learning the repercussions of the mind’s unconscious choices. That we didn't know we didn't know with the ultimate intention to become more humble. Which is a process of removing the lopsided setting of our mind for us to become more balanced and considerate in our views. When we haven’t yet matured however, we remain self-centred, emotionally unhealthy and mentally unhinged. We want to feel important because we have yet unrealised, nor felt, our inherent value which is independent of our height, sex, colour, family background, the level of education or skill of which wealth is it's extension.

Our Ego isn’t the enemy either though, rather a tool which became a weapon without us noticing. In a state of permanent fear that others are there to get us (in a state of total unawareness) our servant, who became unknowingly our master, is attempting to save us by pursuing a war. A self-fulfilling prophecy?

Egotism is the true enemy of the state. The state of the mind that is. When our centre of intelligence becomes polluted by egotistic beliefs we begin to make dumb choices, not just for ourselves but also for many others. As history revealed on numerous occasions, when one is considered purely with survival many others can lose their lives.

A true tragedy is thinking that we are worthless. Like blowing an empty balloon, we must resort to fighting others to win to feel bigger next to them. With every win our sense of self-importance expands, people become dispensable and the worldly resources bottomless. Until life pops our overinflated sack of illusions and takes our breath away.

Was it really worth it?

Tackle your own beliefs of inadequacy instead of losing your precious time with assaulting the opinionated minds of others, further feeding into their Egotism. If majority of us did it there would be less politics, less judgements and sanctions. The louder and more provocative the voices of others, the more unheard (unloved and unimportant) their Inner child feels. Let them battle it out on Twitter or Facebook without feeding further into their oversimplified thinking. Why pushing them further into the Ego oblivion? I am not saying to turn our back on those who genuinely need help as that is an entirely different flow of energy. What I mean is that there is no need to further split humanity by feeding into the world polarisation, the black-and-whiteness, because in the end we all want the same: to be loved.

Unless we support ourselves where it’s necessary, we cannot effectively support others the way they need us to. Unless we clear our mind of our mess, we will forever project it into the world. Negativity carries a dangerous spark with the potential to burn and warp the world beyond our inner landscape. The notion that we can make a small mind see is unrealistic because it isn’t aware of it’s unrealised needs. Instead, we can refuse to feed its Ego by not engaging in a fight which is a very powerful way of dealing with the Ego wanting to feed off its wins. Power always feeds off attention. Positive attention equals empowerment, negative equals disempowerment. Where and how we place our attention to feel empowered, so that we can be finally free from the need to endlessly brag about it, is definitely worth exploring. Making our (inner) children feel accepted requires us to start celebrating ourselves. We are here to make the most of our life, and for that we ought to believe that it is worth living...

Thank you for reading. If my article contributed to understanding yourself, please be generous and share it with others.

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