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  • Michaela Patel


emotional body

We are energy. Every cell of our physical body emits energy and some cells even function purely as 'energetic factories' by supplying whole organs to perform smoothly. Our brain cells fire up impulses up to 50 times per minute to prompt action in our bodies, from opening our eye lid first thing in the morning, swallowing our dinner at lunchtime, to taking a deep breath whilst falling asleep at night. Our physiological energy, however, isn't enough to sustain our healthy existence.

In order to keep yourself fit, you may go as far as taking care of your physical body. But have you ever wondered how fit is your emotional body?

Why is it that many of us, seemingly physically fit, get ill? Are we unknowingly neglecting our impalpable parts, dismissing that we cannot see?

It is important to acknowledge that our emotinal body, although intangible, is as real as the elusive existence of oxygen molecules we breathe in order to stay alive. Its energy is felt in our being as our feelings. Is it possible for our emotional body to get ill? Absolutely! Like with the energy of our breath or neural impulses it happens when it isn’t allowed to do what it is meant to - flow.

When our emotional energy is allowed to BE, when we allow ourselves to feel fully, it passes through our body without a residue. On its course through it re-balances our emotional body and leaves us feeling refreshed and stable. If, however, we are resisting the feeling it creates ‘an energetic indent’ in our emotional body which alters the balance of our energetic field untill we are able to process it fully and release it.

So why do we resist the flow of our emotions when we know how damaging it is to ourselves?

Taking aside serious conditions like PTSD (where experiencing emotional overwhelm without appropriate professional guidance produces futher re-traumatisation), when dealing with the challenges of our daily lives we struggle much more than we need to because we haven't been appropriately emotionally educated. What was modelled to us growing up was right the opposite of emotional release and expressing ourselves authentically is therefore connected with shame.

How many dents, or 'energetic residues', we carry since childhood depends on what we have been exposed to as children and to what extent we unconsciously resist to welcoming and accepting our feelings without judgement.

Some allowed themselves partially process and release their stuff, others have shut off their self-healing ability all together...

Unaware, we carry multiple 'energetic nicks' most of our lives. They make us feel incomplete and in time, these 'hollows' drain our power like the black holes of the Universe. They draw things (alcohol, smoking, drugs addiction) and people (social media, sex addiction) in in an attempt to eleviate our feeling of an inner emptiness.

Yet, distractions are a way of drawing attention away from our emotional bodies to feel even less... Our defective energetic field, our unbalanced, unhealthy emotional body, reveals itself in our minds and bodies as psychosomatic and mental health issues. Our unconscious self-neglect in one area of our being simply shows in the other areas. We tend to blame our emotional instability on life, our failing relationships, and other people. The bitter truth is, we have got ourselves in those relationships (with people who’s emotional bodies are unhealthy, or even dead!) because of our own emotional body being damaged.

If you would like to get emotionally fit, firstly change your attitude towards your feelings and yourself.

Out of self-love accept the existence of your emotional body and its very likely past damage. Literally all of us have experienced trauma, carrying stuck emotional energies that are waiting to be acknowledged and released. No more denying, no more macho attitude. Accept responsibility for your own emotional body. Start educating yourself on emotions here, to be able to finally allow their flow with each of your breaths.

Thank you for reading. If my article contributed to understanding yourself, please be generous and share it with others.

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