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  • Michaela Patel


Us humans are infinitely powerful Beings. What truly weakens us is believing in our incapacity.

So how did we come to believe that we AREN'T capable of great things?!

Those fears about what can happen to us strengthen our survival mode. You may say 'but that is good because it keeps me safe, right?' Have you ever questioned 'WHAT FROM does it keep me safe?'

What IF we are kept safe from realising our own power? That power which allows us to RISE ABOVE our fear as supposed to keeping our hands tied by it...?

Living from a state of fear is what radically shuts off our power bank, keeping us small and DEPENDENT mentally, emotionally and financially, on the system. We were born largely dependant on our carers, who were born dependent on their carers and (as an extension) on the system. Any part of this system which instills fears in us like politics and media, or current education system which teaches us about potential threats, are all forcing us to focus in a certain direction - keeping us locked in a state of dread. Terrorism, disasters, conflicts smaller or larger scale, problems and difficulties of life, they all FORCE YOU TO FOCUS ON THE NEGATIVE: the bad, the ill, the wrong. Making you believe that if you don’t pay attention you cannot survive - mentally without its knowledge, emotionally outside the group, financially without working most of your life to serve the system's preservation. All those fearful messages contribute to distorting your perception of reality outside, and about yourself.

Teaching us how things are, how they should be, how they cannot be, how only they can help us, we start to believe in our own IMPOTENCY. We stop questioning altogether and follow the fearful, blindly faithful crowd, who needs help to find their direction in life - who needs a leadership of someone else but their own. The power has been taken away from us. And like a scared toddler we will get our pacifier readily from the system - our addiction to alcohol, cigarettes, shopping, drugs legally prescribed or illegally gained, entertainment, speaks volumes. TV is very powerful with all its sublime messages hidden in the words of broadcasters and in adverts.

It is a well known fact that words have the power to create your reality if you believe them. Media are the greatest tool for hypnotising the masses into the reality which serves the system: to keep you scared hence dependant, basically under control.

How can you take charge of what you get exposed to? By swithing off your TV an by switching ON your phone's social media filters. Who owns the media? The richest. Why do we need to be kept locked away from realising our own omnipotent nature? I let you answer that ;)

Always question any factual reality and what are the possbile MOTIFS of those who broadcast this 'truth'.

Remember TEACHING of any kind is dangerous if it doesn't allow you to exercise your powers. So what are they?

1/ The power of choice to focus in a certain direction (focusing on what serves YOU) like peace and love, and turning away from what doesn’t, like chaos and fear.

2/ The power to access your beliefs (co-creating the reality you want). You must understand and have the ability to review your beliefs, in order to change them, if you don’t like to be stuck in your current reality feeling small and dependent.

3/ The power to access the right knowledge and your inner wisdom (understanding how life really works), being able to search for the truth WITHIN and grow unrestricted, organically...

Thank you for reading. If my article contributed to understanding yourself, please be generous and share it with others.

Copyright © 2017 Michaela Patel

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