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  • Michaela Patel


Every bit of information we receive from the outside world gets filed away. Stored in our mind's library of beliefs it changes our perception of reality for better, or worse...

The more we believe certain things, the more opinionated, rigid, and less open and flexible we become.

But some thoughts don't get filed away so fast. They run circles on our mind which causes us great distress. An ongoing distress is then the cause of sleeploss and the loss of apetite, which adversely affects our immune system.

The more negative, or somewhat CONFLICTING, the information from the outside, the more it disrupts our INNER PEACE. Particularly, when we don't understand how some thoughts take us places we have no desire to be. The moment we believe what they are saying we are signing a contract from hell...

Our mind likes to know, you know? Or better. Our Ego doesn't like NOT KNOWING. It hates uncertainty!

Every information is sived through our belief system in the same way you separate black and white wash at home. The lies need to be divided from the truth for our mind to find peace. The problem is that the cogs in our brain don't always work with INTEGRITY. As an information rushes in, it often comes out as our assumption. Basically a lie...

And what do we do with it? We believe it! This is how we built the moster of our belief structure:

we build our lives on lies because our mind wants to have a quick answer for everything.

Now imagine how little experience, knowledge and wisdom, we had when we were small. Yet our core beliefs which drive the main dividing process were formed before we turned 6!

Did we have all the information available? Far from it! Is what we believe correct? We like to think so, somehow feeling more peaceful because things don't bug us anymore...

But then certain truths arise on the horizon of our awareness and we don't know how to deal with those. They clearly belong into the white wash basket, but if they did go in there our other 'truths' would get somehow stained...

The 'white lies' of our assumptions are causing us distress when suddenly things are not as clear as they seemed. We are stuck in dreaded uncertainty. We even go that far to spit on the truth to make it 'fit'. Because otherwise we would have to take hell of a lot of dirty laundry out! That, which was put away neatly in the forgotten cupboard, and prior ironed with blame.

No, no. That would be too much sweat and tears. It's easier to condition our dirty stuff with hate against the truth. It requires less work to pack it into rigid bags of 'I know better'...

Blimey... Our mind is one deceptive master!

How many of your hard 'truths' are only your assumptions?

How much of your life reality is an illusion?

Illusions about your parents. Illusions about your partner. Illusions about yourself! Imagine all those bubbles burst. How would you feel? Like a fool? But you already are one, so what's the big deal?

My advice is, learn how to make yourself comfortable in un-comfortable situations. Because not being sure is better than making a fool of yourself. Even though the joker of an Ego whispers otherwise...

Thank you for reading. If my article contributed to understanding yourself, please be generous and share it with others.

Copyright © 2017 Michaela Patel

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