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  • Michaela Patel


Are you stuck in life? Do you wish things were different? Perhaps you like to learn how to change things and move on?

Yes, our ability to create the reality we CHOOSE is a very powerful thing. We are usually pretty clear on what we want. However, knowing alone isn't enough to change what currently exists...

To start with we must STOP RESISTING to what presents itself RIGHT NOW.

Are you divorced or ill, wishing things were diffent? Have your children done something you aren't proud of? Or have you done something you aren't proud of?

Firstly, give that reality some space. Say 'It is OK!' Even if you allowed it to exist only for 2 minutes without fighting back - without feeling miserable and guilty, without being angry and judgemental. It is good enough to practice letting go of the need to be IN CONTROL, even if it is for a few minutes initially.

Without fully surrendering to your present situation, you have no chance to TRANSFORM it into something else.

Changing anything in life requires our energy. But what do we do with our energy? We waste it!

We wrestle with what is, wishing it is otherwise. Yeah, that's a pretty unwise energy expenditure! Yet many of us do this and inevitably get stuck in life. It is like our life stops flowing. And it does! Because by wishing things were like they WERE, or COULD BE one day, we are denying ourselves living in a present moment. Which is the only space we feel alive in and where change can physically take place.

If we aren't in the NOW we cannot accept what exists in it. RESISTANCE is terribly exhausting! Our thoughts run on endless loop, we are unable to focus, doing all sort of crazy stuff. Yes, I have been there. I (too) forgot what I came to pick up from that cupboard, I put salt in my tea and almost brushed my teeth with a hand cream. Sounds funny but I wasn't laughing at the time. Right the opposite. The tiredness kicked in and so did the frustration from being trapped in my own head.

It isn't easy to fall asleep, and stay asleep, when our minds are busy arguing with what is. It is usually after few sleepless nights we wish to find a master switch to our heads.

But do we realise the ridiculousness of our attitude? Do we recognise that we lost control over our thought processes? No! All we do is AGAIN (hello ?!) arguing with what is: the fact that our mind has taken us for a ride...

Do you have the guts to accept that your mind (Ego) is controlling your life right now?

Don't worry, you are not alone...

It's so hard for us to surrender to the present moment reality, but those of us who have done it know how RELIEVED we felt. Because at that precise moment we DETACHED from all that was on our mind. Simply by allowing it to exist without the need to orchestrate it all. By taking a step back we stopped wasting our power. Even though our idea of doing this was filled with dread of us going crazy...

But guess what? Right the opposite has happened...

As we stopped arguing, judging ourselves and others, wishing things were different, we became more relaxed, focused and POWERFUL. Wow! What a breakthrough!

It is an illusion of the mind that if you let go of your thoughts, by letting them exist without fighting back, you lose control. Only at that moment you are in a position of true power, observing reality together with its previously unimaginable opportunities.

Have you ever wondered what would happen if you simply stopped wanting to be different?

What if you stopped wishing your child/partner/parent was different?

What if you let go of your past and future ideas, and focused on what you are left with right now?

(Continue to read on the power of surrender and how to deal with you fear here.)

Thank you for reading. If my article contributed to understanding yourself, please be generous and share it with others.

Copyright © 2017 Michaela Patel

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