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  • Michaela Patel


Even though others can offer an occasional OUTSIDE perspective, we cannot really get to know ourselves by talking to others.

Others can tell you what they see, but they cannot tell you what you truly desire, need, genuinely love, and how you FEEL INSIDE. They can tell you their personal view which isn't as valiable as your inner truth. They cannot answer your most important and intimate questions only YOU know:

Do I know what to do now, or not? What am I scared off?

Do I treat myself well by going along with this? Do I go against myself here?

What is the best choice which resonates with me? Does this make me feel really happy?

What does my gut say?

Do I really love/adore/respect him/her?

HOW we feel no one can tell us. WHY we feel like that no one is more qualified to answer than ourselves.

If we don't know how we feel about things and why, we cannot make the right choices.

We cannot choose with CLARITY, allowing ourselves to stumble in the dark. We cannot truly plan and create our future, our life! We need to know what WE have got to say. Others viewpoint is based on THEIR feelings, THEIR gut reactions, THEIR desires and preferences... their agendas!

What is your agenda?

Your choices are driven by you saying YES or NO to things and people (your INTENT).

Your intent is driven by your BELIEFS and previous EXPERIENCES, which have shaped who you are today...

Ask yourself: WHAT do I believe to be true about myself? WHY do I believe this is true?

We can learn a great deal about why we react the way we do to others and life. We learn WHO and HOW they have shaped the way we see ourselves, about the straight jacket of our childhood conditioning. It allows us to question the LIES we have collected in the course of our life which are the only reason we are unhappy:

The most important questions one can ask him/herself is 'Who am I?'

WHO ARE YOU? Do you really know? Because unless you learn to trust you, unless the answer to this question comes from YOU, what you got to 'know' about you is just someone else's opinion...

Thank you for reading. If my article contributed to understanding yourself, please be generous and share it with others.

Copyright © 2017 Michaela Patel

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