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  • Michaela Patel


What is 'normal' ? ARE YOU NORMAL ?

Are you aware that normality is dangerous ? When you are considered 'normal', you are put in a container... in a prison...

Normality represents constriction, prevention from growth and expansion. It stunts natural evolution as it is inflexible. It does NOT go with the flow of our nature and ever changing course of life. In many instances, what was normal 100 years ago is not normal anymore. Even 'normality' changes with time ! However, if you are NOT part of this box in the present time, you become its enemy - a DEVIATION from what the majority represents... an outcast. You are frowned upon, and shamed, even though you may be a GENIUS, representing a vision well ahead of the present time.

For majority of our society, past the borders of normality lies aversion, fear of rejection and shame... If you want to fit in you must conform.

It requires immense courage to go beyond what is considered ‘normal’ as any attempts to deviate are usually met with NEGATIVITY, discouragement and even threats.

Normality is relative. It is just a perspective very much subjective to who is looking.

Normality emphasises following others, instead of being ORIGINAL - that you truly are !

It represents agreeing with majority, opposed to a rebellion - a NEW, unique point of view.

Being ordinary goes against our nature of us being a unique masterpiece with original ideas and visions.

Normality is NOT a celebration of diversity, because when you are normal you cannot be original. Rebellion against normality is questioning.

Truth isn’t scared of questioning as it survives any rebellion. Truth doesn’t fear. And it certainly doesn’t punish any questioning. The Truth encompasses all religions. It is the ESSENCE of all religions DISTORTED by a human mind - by the Ego.

Truth exists far beyond the LIMITED CONSTRUCT of a human mind. It is a governing law of our collective consciousness, of our Universe.

Religion is an ideology as the mind can only produce a very limited idea of the Truth.

Religion is just a concept for living the truth. It is a pointer to the truth but not the Truth itself ! Some ideologies being closer to, yet some far removed from the Universal Truth.

The more freedom to rebel within a religious ideology, the closer to the Universal Truth this will be, as it allows constant challenging. Challenging meaning evolution, expansion and change with the flow of Life itself.

The more MIND CONSTRICTED ideology, the less room for questioning, and the more it punishes any rebellion against it. The more Ego-mind driven its leaders, the more STUNTED evolution of its ideology, preventing changes to the system and life of its followers.

CHANGE is all governing law of Life. Like energy constantly changes, also life and our universe changes. Change represents adjustment, advancement, development, diversity, variation, innovation, shift, and transformation. Stagnation is unnatural, preventing growth.

Can you think of any religion not changing with the course of time and in line with our natural evolution ? Do you know any rigid ideologies which attempt to turn back time, not embracing the Now but emphasising the past ? Religions which punish for any deviation from their codex, shaming and rejecting the followers of other ideologies ?

On the other hand, can you name any religious or spiritual leaders who welcome questioning ?

Truth is freeing. We all have the power to tap into the Universal Truth. But we have to

go BEYOND our minds and into this vast space of wisdom, which can be accessed within each and every one of us. Immediately. IF we are skilful to do so....

We can learn how to listen to this voice inside ourselves. How to trust it, instead of trusting someone else's Ego. Instead of following the mind and its ideas of Truth.

Because truth can be FELT WITHIN your Being as an unshakable sense of knowing. And when you know, you know. No confirmation needed from your mind, or someone else’s.

Such is the immense power hidden inside every single one of us. Such is our power the Ego is very much afraid of. Such is the power of God….

Thank you for reading. If my article contributed to understanding yourself, please be generous and share it with others.

Copyright © 2016 Michaela Patel

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