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  • Michaela Patel


Did you notice how many NEW spiritual groups and leaders have appeared on the internet in recent months?

Is this a result of the highly anticipated shift in collective consciousness?

Who knows…?

In any case, there are some great human Beings out there, who are genuinely passionate about teaching others. They like to SERVE, and teach what they learned and understood along their life path.

Beware though! Before you start to eagerly follow a group, or an individual, QUESTION everything they say and do, everything they proclaim and promise. Because only when you question, you get your answers. Truth will always survive questioning. Lies might, but most likely won’t. In any case, your attitude should always bring a healthy dose of scepticism into your search.

So how do you know that your 'guru', the teacher you look up to, is honest and genuine?

Let me ask you: Do you trust yourself enough to choose the right person? Do you know what qualities to look for in a spiritual teacher?

If I was to pinpoint the qualities of a genuine Soul who I consider to be a TRUE leader, I would say that first of all she strives to practice what she preaches. If she preaches love and compassion, her responses even to the most egotistical reactions will be loving and compassionate. That is not to say that she doesn't get upset, or even angry, however she rises above the need for retaliation. She knows that her engaging in conflict won't bring any positivity, and certainly not peace she very much strives for. Because she teaches peace she won’t indulge in drama.

She preaches self-love, hence she creates firm boundaries with any abusers, compassionately and kindly protecting herself. She has a strong sense of self-respect knowing when to stop others disrespecting her.

She teaches EQUALITY. She does not make any differences based on race, sexual orientation, age, wealth, education, or an employment status. In other terms true spiritual teacher doesn’t create divisions. She teaches Oneness, UNITY, connection.

Why? Because she has been through the struggles with her own Ego, facing her dark side and her demons, like we all have. Realising that she is NOT her Ego, that is is not her struggles. She understands and FEELS that we are all same on the level of our True Self, our Spirit, in our hearts. That it is only our Ego based personality, our 'dos and don’ts' making differences between us. She can see her past struggles in others. Seeing past people’s Ego makes her compassionate and understanding. She is very GRATEFUL for all her past pain which brought about great realisations and INSIGHTS she is now able to share with others. It is a very humbling experience, therefore genuine spiritual teacher cannot proclaim higher status, positioning herself above her students. She is a student of Life herself, and doesn't strive to be better than others but her former Self.

So be sure not to place anyone ABOVE YOURSELF, because only way for them to look at you is down.

True spiritual leader has a big heart. She feels deeply, and is greatly empathic. She is forgiving yet not forgetting. She is as normal as you and I in many respects.

She WON'T proclaim to know everything. She may be wrong at times, but she won’t have trouble admitting it. She possesses all the ordinary human qualities like getting angry and loosing it, being naive, or feeling down. She knows that there are no mistakes just lessons to be learned.

She trusts herself to be able to care for herself and others. She trusts in the good of humanity, and is a great visionary.

I do believe that teaching others from heart isn’t a business but a privilege.

Those who are genuinely passionate (their top priority being spreading their wisdom) won’t charge for their advice. Same applies to very large groups of followers. They may well be genuine, but such is the power of media that you can easily buy followers on-line these days.

It may well be just a quest for power and attention of narcissistic leaders, who like to use others to their advantage. Being highly manipulative, imitating genuine passion about saving the world. But there is one thing which gives them away - their status. They put themselves on a pedestal, proclaiming to be the One - the leader who will SAVE OTHERS.

They won’t.... Do you know why? Because they do not posses any special powers, and if they proclaim they do, you know they are saying: ‘Hey! I am more than you!'

Not me, nor you, have got the power to change a single person, hence the whole ideology is a scam. We can, however, INSPIRE others to change by representing who we truly are, by acting form our hearts. We all have the the power to change ourselves. That is the ONLY genuine power we have! That is the truth and it is that simple....yet NOT easy....

We ARE our best gurus and teachers. But we forgot how to follow our inner guides. We forgot practicing listening to our EMOTIONS, we don’t listen to our BODIES or IN-TUITION!

From my own experience, my Spirit has always drawn me in the right direction.

When I let go of needing my mind to be in charge, and follow what rings true inside me, what resonates with me, what resonates truth, I find my way towards the Light.

And yes, when you are lost in the dark you may need someone to show you the light initially. But then it is up to you to practice listening to yourself, YOUR GUIDES: the sensations in your body, your emotions and your gut. Because who knows you better than YOU yourself??

Remember that LIES can never excite you, uplift or recharge you. Lies cannot make you feel alive but right the opposite - they will drain the life from you. Lies will make you feel negative and tired.

On the contrary, true spiritual teacher has a great vibe around her, oozing positivity. You will feel refreshed and alive in her company. You will feel relieved.

Genuine Soul will always LEAD YOU WITHIN.

She will encourage you to get to know yourself, use your common sense, and make you see with clarity the SIMPLE truths of Life....

Copyright © 2016 Michaela Patel

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