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  • Michaela Patel


Sometimes, it's tricky to see our own perfection through our wounds. The more wounded we are the more we believe we are imperfect ...not enough.

How can we come to see our perfection again?

Through process of healing our own wounds. One by one. In time....

It helps to be aware of the fact that we are perfect, just that somewhere along the way we decided otherwise.

How did we make ourselves less than perfect, less than enough?

At some point we started to believe other people. First our parents, then our teachers, and friends. Whom we trusted, whom we thought know better than us. But did they??

Whom did we believe and agree with?

We agreed with other people's Ego which said: 'You are not good' 'You are not perfect'.

What is Ego?

Ego is a voice of a THINKING mind. Someone thought of us in certain way and voiced their opinion. We may have agreed with that voice and THEIR opinion of us.

Eventually, we started to listen and agree with a voice of our own Ego - the voice of OUR thinking. It is easy to believe a voice in our own head, much easier than believe someone else's. This is why we started to believe it more and more. Our thinking voice has taken over our inner voice of gentle guidance, our internal wisdom, intuition. Ego is the voice of comparison, judgement. Our Ego has become so loud that it almost silenced our intuition. It completely overpowered it. Our inner guide doesn't judge or compare us. It doesn't need to. It rather lovingly reminds us of how perfect we already are, always.

The more we know, the more we believe. The more we 'know' a lie, the more we believe in it.

But how do we find out it is a lie??

Our inner loving guide doesn't lie. Ego, our own and others, does!

So to start changing your life from living a lie to living a truth, we have to stop believing the Ego. It is a JUDGE who never shuts up....unless we know how to silence it.

The first thing in order to tame our Ego is to start being aware that we have it. OBSERVE that part of ourselves. See how it directs our reactions: how it endlessly criticise us, makes us feel bad, and what are the consequences!

Do you feel bad about yourself?

Do you feel guilty?

Do you feel that you have no power over your life?

Do you feel happy with what you tell yourself about you?

Do you like your reactions to what others do, or say?

If we don't like what our reactions lead to, if the consequences we live are making us feel unhappy, miserable, it is only a sign of being a follower of the Ego.

So to change these reactions, our life, we have to start acting on the voice of our gentle guidance. The voice of patience and a great love - for OURSELVES first and foremost! In a non-selfish way, because we finally start to own what we already have. We start to see what was always there...

....who we always were.

Thank you for reading. If my article contributed to understanding yourself, please be generous and share it with others.

Copyright © 2016 Michaela Patel


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