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  • Michaela Patel


Wisdom is a deep inner Truth. It is the voice of our Soul and has nothing to do with knowledge.

We know and FEEL this truth as a deep sense of peace within. With accessing this ever present inner guidance we are returning home, remembering our essence. Experiencing profound contentment while consulting our Guides on matters of our daily life, we feel that our decisions are meant to be. That they are RIGHT for us, in line with our true purpose...

Wisdom is inherent. You could say that it is the knowledge we have been fitted with from birth. We just have to learn how to tap into it. Our mind is a channel for communicating with higher consciousness - the well of all wisdom. But we must know how to.

Small children are naturally wise, and wiser than most adults. Why?

Because they have not been divorced from who they truly are yet. They have not been taught to distrust their Inner Voice. They are able to play and laugh vast majority of time because any conflicts are dealt with in the Now. Issues quickly forgotten, their mind is untainted with past grudges or future worries. Children can hear the voice of wisdom, the voice of love untainted by fear, very clearly.

For us adults, to gain access to our wisdom we have to get to know ourselves well. We have to re-connect to who we are as we have been 'altered' by our parental and societal conditioning. We cannot expect to tap into this source inside of us if we are completely DIVORCED from who we truly are, if we are disconnected from our body, mind and emotions. Having no control over our thought processes and resulting emotions, without understanding how these affect our body and mind, we have no chance to hear the subtle voice of our HIGHER GUIDANCE. We cannot tap into the well of our inherent knowledge at times when we need answers, neither we are able to hear the subtle calling of our intuition when our minds are full of out of control screaming voices. Our emotional suffering makes in turn our bodies scream, suffering from stress related diseases. There is too much going on!

We are in a state of complete chaos and the resulting pain drives us to self-destruction.

We like to numb ourselves on the inside and distract ourselves on the outside. As our clever Ego grows due to all the external 'knowledge' we are fed with, we are distancing ourselves from our true Selves. From the source of our inner knowing and feelings of inner peace. From feeling fulfilled and happy, which is our NATURAL state! Chaos on the inside is then reflected in chaos on the outside - in our lives on a smaller, and the world on a larger scale. We aim to survive by outsmarting others, yet life slips in between our fingers...

Life is wise, inherently intelligent.

Our DNA is the code of life, containing all the information for human creation. By living in our heads, we resign to living inside our bodies disrespecting life. Disrespecting all that it has been given to us.

Stress related disseases, like cancer, cause DNA mutations.

Is this how we are punished for throwing our life away? Is our inner intelligence forcing us to re-consider our residency?

Living life is only possible when we are connected to it’s source, to ourselves. Not only to our mind, but also to our body and emotions. And that is possible in the present moment. When we master this connection, our inner voice will lead us to the seat of our Soul in the well of all wisdom. The consciousness of our Being will then seamlessly connect to the Universal consciousness. And that is how we experience ONENESS with everything alive...

Thank you for reading. If my article contributed to understanding yourself, please be generous and share it with others.

Copyright © 2016 Michaela Patel

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