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  • Michaela Patel


We really struggle to have a peaceful life, don't we?

Although unconsciously, it is intentional. It is our escape. ESCAPE from the drama inside our heads - from our internal conflict and unhappiness....And that is much more painful than watching the pain of the whole world! Murders, wars, international conflicts, natural disasters amongst the worst kind of drama, even reality TV will often suffice!

But as painful as it all may be, it isn’t personal to us. It isn't personal ENOUGH.

It takes our mind for a ride - away from our own tracks.

To places where we are just an OBSERVER.

And observer doesn't have to deal with anything, just watch…

So what is it about us, about our own minds, that we like to keep ourselves occupied, distracted from. What is OUR CONFLICT about??

Are we even aware we have a conflict, tension, discontentment going on inside our minds?


We kind of know we are stressed. We often cannot sleep. We are putting on, or loosing, weight. We have conflicts going on in our personal lives, at work. We worry a lot. We get ill...

Still, that won’t alert us! No way!


Because we don’t know how to listen to ourselves. Our bodies and minds cry out loud yet no one is listening. We are guilty of not listening to THE ONE who matters the most....

In attempt to hear ourselves, we would have to slow down first. To see what's really going on inside us. We would have to become the WATCHER - not of someone else's business this time, but OUR OWN!

To become an observer of our own thoughts, one has to realise that it ISN'T US who is constantly talking.... That the voice in our head which doesn't shut up and is constantly vomiting opinions, comments, is something different to who WE ARE!

Like observing others, we have to learn to look at our thoughts as they would be someone else's. We have to attempt to slow down their flow, to chop the constant influx of non-sense into smaller, easier digestible pieces, in order to understand what is the voice proposing.

'What is he/she going on about??'

We would then listen for a moment and go: 'Hang on! Is this true? Who said that? Me? Really? When? Do I even agree with this about me…?'

At first we may find it hard to switch all the noise off to discern what is the voice really communicating to us. We have never done it before so it may become, understandably so, frustrating! But it is a first step. First of many on the road to understanding the voice in our head.

A first step on our journey to understanding ourselves.

Because if we don’t observe and listen, we are numb....asleep. Most certainly NOT ALIVE but walking dead….

Thank you for reading. If my article contributed to understanding yourself, please be generous and share it with others.

Copyright © 2016 Michaela Patel

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