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  • Michaela Patel


EMPATH is a master in reading emotional states of others. She is not able to read their thoughts however. She may assume that she knows people, their motifs, only because she understands how they feel. That is not the case! Empath is a receiver of feelings from surrounding environment, and unless her mind is busy the information coming in is in CONSTANT FLOW.

It has evolved as a safety net for her - to automatically scan her environment to be able to make sense of the world and people around her - to keep her safe and to understand others. It has become the support she relied on because people who cared for her were very POOR communicators of their own feelings. Because she grew up doing this her whole life, she was not aware that others are any different. She wasn't aware her receiver is on at all times! She is highly sensitive and she knows she gets overwhelmed emotionally: if someone gets excited she gets super excited, if someone is sad she gets really sad. She feels whatever others feel, even if others don’t understand their own feelings, she feels them. It is a great gift of understanding other human Beings. It is a wonderful ability to empathically and compassionately relate to those around us.

The other side of the same coin is that there is no hiding from the negative feelings.

She may not even be aware that she is living surrounded by negativity and that she is constantly receiving it! She is not aware it isn't her own negativity but someone else’s.

When the highs are high she feels ecstatic, but when she hits lows she feels very very low. Her feelings are intense, combined into an overwhelming wave and life feels like a big rollercoaster. Life may become unbearable at times...

She may eventually want to ESCAPE the lows and naturally seeking the positivity: quiet places, solitude, books, very few friends or just animal company.

Or she concludes that her emotions are the way too intense, or even damaging and that she doesn’t like to feel them anymore. And so she attempts to numb herself up. Drugs, alcohol, activities, job …..anything that will take her as far away from herself, from her emotions. Anything which keeps her mind busy and focused on OTHERS like a new exciting relationship, her children. 'Run run run' is her agenda. But for how long can she continue running away from herself?

When she AWAKENS she realises that she has a great tool at her disposal, that what she thought was her greatest weakness is in fact her greatest strength...

Thank you for reading. If my article contributed to understanding yourself, please be generous and share it with others.

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