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  • Michaela Patel


What is intuition? It is a subconscious KNOWING we become aware of consciously in a split second, without understanding logically how.

To understand how our perceiving beyond our mind works, we have to drop what we already 'know' about how we see the world because those are mind's ideas - a truly CONSTRICTED view of the truth...

Our perceptions are conscious and subconscious. Our conscious perceptions are any information registered by our FOCUSED mind, representing only 5% of all the information we are getting from our surroundings! Yes, vast majority, whooping 95% is perceived subconsciously. Surprised?

Our smart mind often foolishly denies other forms of perceiving because vast majority of data escapes our focus: our mind does not know about it on the level of thought and reason.

Because education focuses on thought processes of the mind and the five sensory perceptions of the body, we get largely uneducated on other forms of perceiving. We mustn't forget that over 95% of our brain's function is still awaiting to be discovered!

In-tuition is not an instinct and its knowing isn't the same as knowing of the mind. Instinct is an 'inner calling' programmed by our DNA, serving our self-preservation as species: more animalistic, and all about survival.

In-tuition on the other hand serves that above our survival, even though it often sounds in critical situations. This inner knowing is our guide and teacher, serving the evolution of our soul. Its wise voice teaches us primarily about ourselves. Those who truly trust themselves have cultivated listening to its voice, knowing there is no substitute for it.

In-tuition arrives almost immediately, as the first, firm answer without an emotional charge. Emotions always originate from the mind, typically as a reaction thereafter. It isn't a fearful message but a short statement of an unshakable confidence.

Intuition can also manifest as a subtle voice, appearing repeatedly, evoking a sense of inner un-ease. Subtle because we've mastered listening our thoughts alone and our mind took over our perceptions completely. Our UN-EASE is felt typically in our gut - our SECOND BRAIN - caused by the 'push-pull' between our conscious processing, and our intuitive, subconscious knowing. We mostly feel that things are OFF but cannot reason why.

To become more intuitive (and less cognitive), we have to quiet our mind and train ourselves to listen: allowing it to arrive and let it speak, clearly discerning it from the voice of our fear.

Can you re-call a situation in which you felt uneasy, knowing something is wrong, only later learning why? Our intuition doesn't offer its guidance only when we are in trouble. Right the opposite! It attempts to leads us safely before we get that far...

Can you remember a situation where logically your decision made a complete sense, yet you felt internally really uncomfortable when making that choice? Have you experienced sudden knowing that someone will call or remembered a person you haven't heard from in years only for them to contact you thereafter? Has your intuition ever warned you about certain people yet your reasoning mind was completely comfortable with them? Has your decision making ever gone totally against your logic but you somehow knew you are making the right choice?

Our inner guidance system is set to NURTURE us. The well of wisdom works TOGETHER with the knowledge of our mind, yet beyond its comprehension. Sometimes we do not know why we do what we do (going against our logic), yet feeling content within. We KNOW, but we do not know HOW we know. Initially, we learn retrospectively, reflecting back onto past circumstances, re-calling how we felt and matching it to the consequences.

Your intuition doesn’t go against you. EVER. You go against yourself if you refuse to use it.

If we are to love ourselves, we have to acknowledge that our reasoning is limited and only a relatively small part of a much larger puzzle. That our mind acknowledges things only when it understands them, yet finds it hard to understand other forms of knowing.

If we cultivate listening to our intuition, in time and with practice its voice becomes much clearer. We can either invest our faith in others, or we invest it in ourselves. Initially, it may be necessary to seek guidance elsewhere; easily, however, our intuition is the best friend we will ever have...

Thank you for reading. If my article contributed to understanding yourself, please be generous and share it with others.

Copyright © 2016 Michaela Patel

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