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  • Michaela Patel


We are so eager to find a trustworthy partner, our Soulmate...

We frantically seek someone who will love us because we dislike, even hate, ourselves. We want their attention because we refuse to hear ourselves out. We are scared of them leaving us because that is exactly what we have done to ourselves. The thought of them cheating on us is making us mad because we are cheaters too...

We have cheated ourselves by selling our Soul and happiness to make others happy.

How can you trust someone who has betrayed you?

How can you love someone who has abandoned you?

How can you care for someone who ignores you?

And what can you offer to another if you have NOTHING?

The empty space within reflects in the screaming loneliness we try to silence by the many events we attend and the many social media acquaintances we befriend.

We find ourselves surrounded by others yet within there is no one home...

How to turn this tragedy into a romance? What would someone who truly loves you do for you?

1. S/he would chose a quiet place to listen to you. S/he would dedicate time and space to understand you, your thoughts, beliefs and needs. S/he would hear you out, including all your fears and concerns.

2. S/he would want to know how you genuinely feel about things.

3. S/he would acknowledge everything that has been said in order to constructively deal with situation, supporting you in caring ways.

4. S/he would respect and honour your wishes.

5. S/he would cheer you up pointing out the positives and the stuff you need to be grateful for.

6. Last but not least, s/he would tell you how amazing you are. That s/he trusts you can do anything you put your heart into, and that s/he loves you very much.

Practicing self-love is exactly that. It is developing a healthy relationship with ourselves based in truth, trust, love, respect, and care. It is cultivating understanding and responsibility for ourselves in NURTURING ways. It takes courage, willingness and effort, but who would want any less for the most important person of their life?

Thank you for reading. If my article contributed to understanding yourself, please be generous and share it with others.

Copyright © 2017 Michaela Patel

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